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I knew what a little bitch you were from the first time I talked to you.  It was probably the way you doted on Me so pitifully without expect anything in return, not even so much as a kiss.  A real man would have been trying to get his dick into Me from day one but not you.  You were content to do any little thing that I asked for in exchange for nothing more than a pat on the head and a “good boy”.  That’s when I began thinking about how to make you even more into My bitch.

I had thought about putting you into a true BDSM situation but something about that idea told Me that wasn’t what you really needed at all.  That’s when you introduced Me to your friend.  Tom was everything that you weren’t.  He was confident, had a way with words, had a gorgeous body, and most importantly I could tell just by staring at it through his jeans that he had a cock that went on for days.

We knew we wanted each other in the most physical sense of the word.  Visions of naked groaning bodies grinding against each other danced in My head.  More importantly I knew that even though you would have never admitted it at the time you were thinking the exact same thing.  I knew the only reason a submissive little boy like you could ever be friends with a real man like Tom.  You wanted him to fuck Me like you knew you never could.  I could see your hard on growing in your pants and your eyes got that glassy look of horniness to them.

When I leaned over and started kissing him I could see that you wanted to say something but any words of protest you might have had were lost.  You didn’t realize how much you wanted it, how much you needed it, until it started happening right before your eyes.  I smiled right at you when he pulled off My top and started playing with My tits.  Your eyes locked on Mine, made Me even hotter, as you sat there getting harder and harder.

Tom’s cock was already hard.  I took off his pants and his big cock popped out standing up long and thick like a statue.  I could see you looking when I started licking it.  My tongue, pretty and pick started sliding up and down his big shaft from the root of his cock to the big mushroom head, it got bigger and harder at My touch.  I could see your cock dancing in your pants the whole time you were thinking that I couldn’t see that itty bitty little thing you’d like to refer to as a penis.  I saw though, I always see.

He laid Me down on the floor right there in front of you.  I could stare at you right in the eye when I lifted My legs over My head.  He lay down on top of Me and pushed his cock into My waiting pussy.  I watched you watching Me as I let out that first little moan.  His big dick stretched Me out like you couldn’t do in your wildest dreams.

He pushed into Me harder and faster. I moaned louder and started grinding My hips with him.  Your jaw almost hit the floor.  He moved in more, just as excited as excited as both of us were for him to be fucking Me right in front of you, his best friend.  He knew what kind of a little bitch you were too I guess, just like I did.  Tom used that big cock of his in My pussy to take what he needed the same as I took that big cock of his and used that horny and helpless look in your eyes to take what I needed. 

When I came for the first time I watched your cock throb harder than anything.  My pussy clamped down on his dick. He almost screamed with the pleasure of it.  He almost screamed but you and I were both screaming.  I could see that watching Me get fucked by a real man made you hornier than you’ve ever been in your entire life.  You started jerking that tiny prick of yours so hard that I thought you were going to break it off.  I watched you staring at what his dick was doing to Me and My open mouth gasping for breath.

You couldn’t contain it anymore.  Like a sick little pervert you dropped to the floor and started watching the fucking up close and personal.  You could smell My pussy and see how wet it was and how wet it was making his dick.  You cock was pounding in rhythm.  I stared right into your eyes when I could feel Tom’s cock pounding and tightening inside of Me.  I could tell that the cum was building up.  Your hand started jerking your dick even faster and I could tell that you were building up a load of cum of your own.

My eyes squeezed shut a second time.  Tom couldn’t hold out anymore either.  My nails ran down his back as he grunted and groaned his way into what must have been a real mind blowing orgasm.  He shot so much cum that it leaked out of My pussy and down the crack of My ass.  You couldn’t take any more either.  Your hand turned into a blur on your little cock as you shot a load that I thought was going to hit the ceiling.  I watched and smiled at you when your face turned red.  I thought that it was funny that even though you were ashamed, you couldn’t deny the fact that you liked it.  You proved that with the sperm that was dripping off of your hand.

Like I said, I knew what a little bitch you were from the first time I talked to you.  It only took ten minutes of one of the best fucks in My life and one of the most humbling moments of yours to prove it.  I’ll be happy to keep proving it too, again and again.